Jets' duo closing in on century

Matthew Sanchez and Chom Arop aiming to hit 100 career NPL goals by the end of this season.


Chom and Matt just three short of target 


JETS are flying towards a Premiership double thanks to a bold goal-scoring target.

Youth team strikers Chom Arop and Matthew Sanchez are aiming for a combined career total of 100 NPL Queensland goals by the end of this season.

With two matches remaining they are on 97 - with our Under 20 side leading the Youth ladder, just ahead of Brisbane Strikers and Olympic.



2013: Chom Under 18 - 5 goals, Under 20 - 6 goals, Total -11

Sanchez Under 18 - 8 goals, Under 20 - 9 goals, Total - 17


2014: Chom Under 20 - 26 goals.

Sanchez Under 20 -13 goals, Seniors - 1 goal, Total 14


2015: Chom Under 20 - 15 goals, Seniors - 1 goal, Total 16

Sanchez Under 20 - 13 goals


Totals: Chom 53 goals; Sanchez 44 goals


Jets won 2-0 at Western Pride on Wednesday to open up a slight gap with just Redlands (September 16) and Brisbane City (September 20) to visit Wolter Park.

Chom Arop in action against Brisbane Roar Youth team. Picture Albert Perez


It will be a nail-biting finish for coach Ali Demircan and the team’s leading scorers who combine superbly on the pitch and are great mates off it.

“They bring a big friendship to football and it affects their partnership,” said Ali.

“Chom is quick and he has a very good attitude. He’s longing to be professional player.

“Matthew has agility, balance, his footwork is excellent. He is the most aggressive player in the youth league, but hardly gets a card. And he never quits.

“Both are team players. Both have big potential, potential to be professionals.”

That matches the ambition of Chom Arop, who turns 20 on Saturday: “I want to play at the highest level. I think I have what it takes and hope I get a break.

“The last three years have been amazing. Everyone has been so supportive and we have this target of reaching 100 goals by the end of the season.


Matthew Sanchez scoring at Olympic in the senior team clash last season. Picture Albert Perez

“Our friendship has helped. We both just know what the other is going to do.’’

Sanchez, 20, was full of praise for his mate and strike partner. “I think Chom is one of the greatest strikers in the competition,” he said.

“He’s always looking forward and pushing forward. He’s strong on the ball. We’ve always been mates and that understanding helps when we swap positions in matches.”

Both have also scored for the Jets Senior team – Sanchez last season at Olympic within seconds of coming on as a substitute, and Arop last month against Brisbane Roar Youth team.