Verdict on Jets' remarkable season


Party time for Jets after beating Brisbane Strikers 2-1 in the Grand Final at Wolter Park.

Four key figures assess 2015 campaign


NPL Queensland Premiership, Grand Final, national semi-finals unbeaten at home, dramatic finales To many fans it was a perfect season. But Jets' management and players have sky-high ambitions, targets and standards. Here is the verdict on our year with head coach Adam Piddick, assistant Dave Harris and players Jordan Farina and Scott Stewart. All pictures Albert Perez.


Rate last season with marks out of 10:


Adam Piddick (head coach): 8.5 – We won two trophies but there were still two more we could have won! We still have room for improvement.


Dave Harris (assistant coach): If you look at winning the double you would have to say 10. However, we strive for perfection and always want to be improving the little one per centres, a tweak here and I would say 7 or 8 out of 10. Our work rate, togetherness really stood out with this squad. If I was critical I felt we lacked the finishing composure in front of goals in some games.


Jordan Farina: 9 – Because we didn’t go quite as far as we wanted to.


Scott Stewart: 9 – It was pretty much a perfect season, just missed out at the very end.

Matthew Zappone and Jordan Farina celebrate after putting Jets 2-0 in that crucial first match of the season against Olympic.

What was the best match or performance?


Adam Piddick (head coach): As a team up in Cairns against Far North Queensland. It was very hot, we were 1-0 down but hung in there until half-time and in the second half put four goals past them.


Dave Harris (assistant coach): There were a few. Against Olympic in the semi-final (won 3-1) was very good; Sunny Coast at home where we totally dominated them and kept pushing right to the end and won 7-0;  similarly Redlands at home (won 2-0), a good side the boys just dug in and battled right to the end. But a standout would be our first game of the season at home to Olympic (won 3-2). Adam had a specific strategy which was a little different and raised some eyebrows, but come game day the boys had total buy in, they stuck to the plan and executed it almost perfectly (….I'm a tough marker). That set the scene and was when I thought we will go alright this year. More importantly it set the bar that anything less than the work rate, execution and the standard they set in the Olympic game would be unacceptable


Jordan Farina: The first match of the year when we beat Olympic 3-2 at home was so important. It gave us a platform for the season and showed what we could do. But the Grand Final probably just gets it. Scoring in the last couple of minutes, the celebrations. Fantastic.


Scott Stewart: Probably Redlands at home (won 2-0). They were on a good run, but we dug in and knocked them off their perch a bit.


Jets skipper Royce Brownlie - a hat-trick against Palm Beach and the Golden Boot again..

What was the best single moment?


Adam Piddick (head coach): The Grand Final, for the team and the club is was perfect, especially after all the hype about us and Strikers.


Dave Harris (assistant coach): It would have to say winning the Premiership. It was a culmination of many, many months of hard work - and some sleepless nights for me and I suspect Adam. I was so pleased and proud of the team for what it had achieved, having seen the hard work, dedication and commitment they showed. I have the up most respect for a great playing group. They sacrificed a lot for each other and the club and were justly rewarded.


Jordan Farina: After the Grand Final, in the changing rooms with two trophies. Everyone was on a high. It was an incredible atmosphere and feeling to see what we’d achieved.


Scott Stewart: When the final whistle went and we won the Grand Final. Great feeling. Great day.

Thomas Mendy scoring at Olympic. The French forward again proved a handful for every defence this year.

What was the biggest disappointment?


Adam Piddick (head coach): Being beaten by my brother at Palm Beach! And losing in the finals series at Blacktown. I think we were a little naive in the first half.


Dave Harris (assistant coach): Losing our semi-final in the National play off against Blacktown in Sydney. They were a good side, but we had our chances. We conceded goals that were uncharacteristic for us, but that's football. Still, we lost to the eventual winners so no disgrace.


Jordan Farina: Not sure there was one really for the team! Only not going further in the FFA Cup perhaps. For me, getting ill and missing games.


Scott Stewart: Losing (1-0) to Brisbane Roar in the first game at Perry Park. Nothing happened for us that day. We weren’t in the right frame of mind.

Scott Stewart in aerial action during the Grand Final against Strikers at Wolter Park.

What have you learned from last season?


Adam Piddick (head coach): The teams, tactics and coaches are getting better and because of that we need to be able to adapt quickly to changing situations. Also, you cannot always have high intensity training.


Dave Harris (assistant coach): Adam and I set high standards and really pushed the team this year and they responded very well. But we noticed a bit of fatigue within the squad at the back end of the season because of the workload. It's something we have reviewed and will adjust accordingly with our training load for next season. 

Jordan Farina: If you get a good bunch of boys and everyone puts in the effort and buys in to a plan, together you can achieve amazing things. You don’t have to be the wealthiest club or have all the best players.


Scott Stewart: Personally, how my game has picked up playing with better players. Staying calm, keeping the ball are the most important things.

What a save! Jets' keeper Luke Boreau gets a finger-tip to that ball against Edgeworth at QSAC.

If you could go back and change one thing last season what would it be?


Adam Piddick (head coach): The first half of the National Finals Series semi-final at Blacktown. We should have played a more direct style.


Dave Harris (assistant coach): From a results outcome I'd change nothing, we won the double, however, when we break down the season and deep down there are a few things we would change. We will discuss and seek input from the playing group and club to strive for a positive outcome for next season.


Jordan Farina: To have made the final rounds of the FFA Cup. I thought we were unlucky to go out at Brisbane Strikers. But that’s perhaps being very critical of an amazing season.


Scott Stewart: I wouldn’t change anything.



Dave Harris and Adam Piddick, the coaching team who led Jets to two trophies this year.


What surprised you last season?


Adam Piddick (head coach): The commitment and work rate of the boys


Dave Harris (assistant coach): The never-say-die attitude of the entire squad. Some players didn't get a lot of game time, but never complained, they kept the pressure up and kept pushing their claims. Their contribution was invaluable. Youngsters Jake Mitchell, Jayke Cuschieri, Sam Dickinson and Joe Champness came on in leaps and bounds.


Jordan Farina: How everyone in the squad got along so well. There were no divides, no cliques. Everyone was in this together.


Scott Stewart: How well the team gelled together and how that helped us when we went behind and through tight games.

Joseph Champness' pace proved too much for Palm Beach in Jets' 4-1 victory at Wolter Park.

What should be the Jets’ main target next season?


Adam Piddick (head coach): There’s no reason why we cannot do it again. That’s our biggest challenge next year.


Dave Harris (assistant coach): Obviously to repeat this season’s achievements. Having said that we are starting from scratch next season and it starts by doing well in the pre-season tournament. I'd like to see us progress further in the FFA Cup. How good would it be lining up against an A-League team?


Jordan Farina: Retaining the league title. It’s one of the hardest things to do. Look at Chelsea in the Premier League, or Palm Beach in the NPL Queensland. Retaining the title should be a minimum expectation.


Scott Stewart: It’s hard to replicate a season like that, but that exactly what we have to aim to do – and better.



Jordan Farina wheels away to start celebrating his dramatic late winner in the Grand Final.

What was the funniest moment of last season?


Adam Piddick (head coach): So many. Every training session, every warm-up, the players were always joking, great banter.


Dave Harris (assistant coach): Many, many funny moments, that has been a hallmark of the side, everyone gets on extremely well. There is always plenty of banter, usually Jordy Farina is at the centre of it. He keeps us all amused. He is great to have in the change room. No one takes each other too seriously and we can all have a good laugh.


Jordan Farina: Scott Stewart missing the plane back from Cairns!


Scott Stewart: Jordan Farina’s celebration after scoring the winning goal in the Grand Final. I don’t think he had any idea what he was doing!



Thanks for a fantastic season guys....can't wait for next year!