Hard work pays off for Tyler

Tyler McGrath who trebled his own juggling record in just 30 minutes.

Tyler smashes his own record!


TYLER McGrath has 3586 reasons celebrate. Why? Because he has gone from 18 to 3586 in three years - and 1050 to 3586 in half and hour!

We’re talking juggles, keepie uppies, kick-ups - one of those football skills coaches love and every player tries, but few master.

Tyler, part of this season’s Moreton Bay United Under 13 NPL Queensland squad, shattered his own record at Brendale recently, but only after years of extra work.

The forward’s record was 18, but after arriving half an hour early to training every session for three years, that had risen to 1050.

Then, two weeks ago, desperate to try out his new boots, Tyler started juggling on Field 2 and just under 30 minutes later reached 3586 on Field 1!

The 13-year-old from Warner explained the switch: “At one point I went to knee it (the ball) but kicked it,” said the former ACE player who has been with Jets for two years.

“I had to dash across the concrete path to get to the ball and keep it going!

“That day I’d got these new boots and was really excited and wanted to test them out. First go I got 3586. But my Japanese teacher can do 6000.

“At the start you just have to get used to juggling for a while, after that I think it comes quite naturally.”

That amazing juggling feat was followed by a brace of goals in his next PlayStation 4 NPL Queensland game for Jets!

Mind  you he has some way to go to match Londoner Dan Magness, who broke his own world record in 2010 with 26 hours of non-stop juggling/keepie uppies in Hong Hong.