Jets look to coaching quartet


Jets' coaching group, from left, Adam Piddick, Billy Ingledew, Dave Harris, Danny McHenery


Continuity the key, says Piddick 


MORETON Bay United is preparing for the new PlayStation 4 NPL Queensland season with a four-man team of senior coaches.


Taking charge of the club’s Under 18, Under 20 and Senior Men’s sides are Technical Director Adam Piddick, Head Coach Dave Harris and Senior Coaches Billy Ingledew and Danny McHenery


The move is designed to bring a continuity in playing style between the teams which will in turn help players develop.


“This will give Moreton Bay United an identity through the way it plays, our unique style of play,” said Piddick.


“We want this style to go from the juniors right up to the seniors. Ultimately, what we want running through the group is home-grown players. In five or six years we’d like everyone to have come through this system.”


Dave Harris, the senior men’s head coach, said continuity was important through the age groups.


“Bringing the coaches and squads together and working closely will give us a greater synergy,” he said. “It will see more collaboration and continuity in the wider group.”


A newcomer to the quartet is Billy Ingledew, who was with Brisbane Premier League side Mitchelton last season, who accepted the offer from Piddick and Harris to “come across” to Jets.


“I just sat down and had a conversation with them and had a look at what they were trying to do – which was win the NPL again,” he said. "The challenge is to try to do it back-to-back, which will be very difficult.


“But if we can get everything in place, the players, conditioning, strength, training, drills, nutrition, the ethos the club wishes to go ahead with, I think we’ve got a shot at it or be there abouts.


“We have a very young side, but full of enthusiasm, fit already, looking good, sharp. One of differences is extra night of training in the week. I know the guys still have to work, but it does make a difference in my opinion that third session.”