Jets' players put on new track

Sebastian Kalos is a big fan of the new player loading system.

How Matt monitors fitness and fatigue  


by Sebastian Kalos

(Moreton Bay United)

The relationship between sport science and elite sport is growing as individuals look to gain an advantage over their rivals. Entering 2016 Moreton Bay needed to take that next step in the professionalism of the club and what it was able to offer players 


New recruit Matthew Byrne brought his own expertise in regards to the way players’ fitness and fatigue levels could be monitored throughout the season.  


In partnership with Moreton Bay United Technical Director Adam Piddick, an individual loading system for both the first grade and under 20s was set up. 


Matt, in principle, set up a basic system to be able to track players individual loads from their daily activities through a simple, inexpensive excel spreadsheet. This though does not devalue the information which is able to be produced by the tracking system.  


Matt, who previously gained valuable work experience at Brisbane Roar, was able to use the knowledge he gained from the A-League set up, as well as through his university studies, where he is currently doing exercise physiology, to break down the loading into stages.  


These stages included pre-season, which contained a heavier training schedule in regards to fitness and conditioning and in-season tracking, where games have become more constant and training is tailored to cater for game time. 


One of the key aspects that Matt believes is essential to a successful player loading system is the honesty of the players, as each individual’s work and study background can affect training.  


As one who has been involved in being tracked, I have found the knowledge of my own fatigue and fitness levels integral in being able to perform each week as we reach the halfway point of the season.


Aspects such as sleep, stress and fatigue are all areas affected by our daily activitiesThrough that information Matt is able to communicate weekly to Adam the players’ loads and compare an individuals average load to what Adam expected it may be for the week.  


These loadings are tracked through a couple of key readings including weight fluctuation and hydration. Adam is then able to adjust his weekly training program and know exactly what an individual may need to perform at their best.  


The holistic approach to a player’s wellbeing is key as Matt mirrors this to being able to havsuccessful year on the pitch.  


This approach attempts to reduce injuries as well as hopefully increasing performance on the pitch through a better understanding of each players individual makeup. Players also returning from injury are monitored before returning to the playing group to avoid reinjuring themselves.  


The ability to extract the right data from the information gathered is also imperative in tracking players loads accurately. The experience and knowledge of Matt has allowed this to be possible, as Moreton Bay looks to build its previous season success in 2016.