Moreton Bay United Football Club offers Brisbane Football Club, School of Excellence or Football Community Group interested in being associated with Moreton Bay United Football Club the opportunity to become associated with the club. Association is available at two different levels being Financial Associate and Non-Financial Associate. There are limited Financial Associate positions available and unlimited Non-Financial Associate positions for clubs and not for profit Football orientated organisation.


By becoming associated with MBU F.C. your club, school or community group can be part of the MBU F.C. organisation and participate in the states APL competition. MBU F.C. has adopted this model recommended by Football Queensland (FQ) and Football Federation of Australia (FFA) as it encourages clubs and organisations to work together with common objectives. The development of elite junior and youth football players is fundamental to the success of the countries A-League and National teams. This is a big responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. MBU F.C. through its association model offers clubs and football oriented organisations the opportunity to be part of this process and be included in the numerous benefits that are available to associated clubs though collaborative initiatives that offer lower costs through economies of scale.


Organisations that become Financial Associates will be offered a position on the Board of Directors and a position on the Procurement Committee. The Procurement Committee is responsible for contracts, agreements and opportunities that provide associated members a better value collectively as opposed to individually. Non-Financial Associates will be offered a position on the Advisory Committee that will be responsible for generating ideas and suggestions to the MBU F.C. board that improve the involvement and benefit provided to Affiliates.


All Associates will be invited to attend Coaches Education Sessions, Coaches Forums and Accredited courses scheduled by the club. All associates have the option of participating in any contracts, agreements and discounts that are achieved through the Procurement Committee. Associates of MBU F.C. remain totally independent in their own clubs and operations.

All benefits available to MBU F.C. members are optional. MBU F.C. adopts a financial model that is self-funding. This means that Financial and Non-Financial Associates are not exposed to any financial risk whatsoever. MBU F.C. will formally recognise any players selected into MBU F.C. that have played more than four years at any of the associated members clubs or schools. This recognition will ensure that associated clubs are acknowledged formally for their player development initiatives and their efforts in preparing players for the elite pathway. We believe that such recognition will help build status to associated members and give the due credit and recognition where it belongs.

To receive more information and information pack email (Proof of club association or school must be provided) in the application.