Moreton Bay United Football Club (The Jets), was established in 2012 in conjunction with the FFA and Football Queensland announcement of the newly formedAustralian Premier League (APL) which was to replace the Junior Premier League and Queensland State League. The formation of MBU F.C. was led by Claude Sorbello, Tony Dooley, Kirsty Royley, Frank Heim, Stephen Bryant, Nick Crockford, Tim Smith, Chantal Bush, Gabe Sciaretta and Adnan Katakovic. 


Formed with a vision of establishing a football club representative of the region, the board created and associate ownership model which offers clubs and community groups either financial or non-financial association.  MBU F.C. is managed by a Board of Directors which include a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Administrative Director, Marketing Director, Operations Director, Football Director. 


Albany Creek Football Club (ACE) being a licensed holder of the Junior Premier League from 2009 to 2012, was a founding Associate Club and in this capacity was instrumental in the start up of the club the both financially and from an intellectual property perspective. ACE provided all the junior Technical Structure, fields, infrastructure and the organisational resources necessary to form the organisation which allowed MBU F.C. to move from concept to competing on the field in less than 4 months.


MBU F.C. was selected into the National Premier League in 2012 and played its first official game in the NPL against Palm Beach Sharks on the 10th of March 2013 at Wolter Park. The club is proud to offer boys, girls, men and women, the opportunity to participate in a professional football League that has a National focus and exists to offer young football players the opportunity to develop their football talent and make football a career.  The license issued by Football Queensland to MBU F.C. is for 5 Years.


MBU F.C. has a philosophy of player development first and foremost where winning becomes a by-product of development. Our approach is that development is about hard work, commitment and passion. Successful football players must be technically elite. Winning U13 trophies and grand finals is not the priority of player development. All players and members of MBU F.C. must understand and accept this philosophy to be accepted into MBU F.C.