Moreton Bay United Football Club is a not for profit volunteer run organisation.  The club's business model is one of user pays where no surplus remains within the club at the end of the season. This means that the role of volunteer is fundamental to ensuring that player registration fees remain at the lowest possible levels.


All members of the Board are volunteers and the club encourages everyone that is able to assist to become involved in any way possible. As a community we all have a responsibility to do our small part and not rely on others alone.  Vice Chairman of the club believes that the volunteers make the difference to a club. "There is no doubt in my mind that to succeed, the club needs a sound strategy and leadership, but his alone will not suffice. To develop a can do culture, we need lots of volunteers that are prepared to get involved and make an effort to ensure their child's sporting experience is professional and pleasant.  I encourage all parents to do something each season. With more than 150 players at the club we have more than 300 parents and if everyone does something, the club will be an amazing community for all of us".


Below are some examples of the roles that a volunteer can fulfill for the club:


 Team Manager This person is responsible for the coordination of the team including the coach, players and their respective families. The Team Manager works closely with the coach in preparation for training sessions and matches. Volunteers in these roles have the opportunity to develop  the role as professional as deemed necessary. 

This role is important on games day when two volunteers are required for each game to put on a vest and become ground controllers. In this capacity you will guide the referee from and to the dressing rooms. You will also be responsible for controlling spectators and events that take place during the game. The club provides detailed guidelines of what is required and the role is not demanding. If you are interested please email your team manager.

Committee Member The club has a number of roles that form part of the club's Management Committee. This committee meets once a month to organise various aspects of the clubs. Committee members coordinate and arrange fundraising, special games days, carnivals, working bees, communication etc.  These roles are important to the running of of the club

Junior Players Support Committee This committee is responsible for coordinating parents of MBU F.C. juniors with a view of developing the culture of the club and the support that we provide our players on and off the field. The Committee reports to the Board and had the recommend ideas that can improve the way the club operates and behaves.

 Ground's Maintenance There is always the ongoing need to maintain the facilities. The club has contractors to mow and mark the fields, however, often there is the need to whipper snip around the clubhouse, paths and generally keep the place nice and tidy. Volunteers can come and go as they please in these roles often during weekends or days off we see volunteers washing cobwebs off the ceilings, whippers snipping etc. These are unofficial roles and you and help out whenever you can.