Matt Poole - Technical Director
FFA 'A' Licence

Coaching Experience: 15 Years

Personal Highlights:

“Coaching the 2016 MBU U15 team to the NPL Championship and scoring over 100 goals. Three players from this group gained QAS NTC selection.”

“Coaching players such as Joe Champness (now an A-League player at Newcastle Jets), Sam Dickinson, and Jacob Mitchell who all progressed to the MBU Senior team.”
Mackenzie Smith - Head of Junior Development
FFA 'B' Licence
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Royce Brownlie
Dave Harris
FFA 'C' Licence
Dave De Silva - NPLW Coach
Matt Bradley - Senior Goal Keeper Coach
Gary Ward - U23 NPLW Coach
Cam Millar - U23 Mens Coach
FFA "B" Licence
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Sam Dickinson - U16 Boys Coach
FFA 'C' Licence
Jason Groth - U15 Boys Coach
FFA 'C' Licence

Coaching Experience: 15+ years

Personal Highlights:
The titles & Trophies are nice! But contributing To developing juniors technical and tactical abilities is the most rewarding!
John Piper - U14 Boys Coach
FFA 'C' Licence

Coaching Experience: 4 years

Personal Highlight:
Taking the MBU Junior teams for a successful Gold Coast Cup tournament.
Noel Blake - U13 Boys Coach
FFA 'A' Licence
Greg Bradley - U16 Womens Coach
FFA 'C' Licence
Russel Mahon - U13 Girls Coach
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Ethan Bryant - U12 SAP Boys
FFA Youth ‘C’ Licence

Coaching Experience: 6 Years

Personal Highlights:
“Seeing young players develop and improve week to week”
Tom Koelmeyer - U11 Boys Coach
FFA Youth 'C' Licence
Anthony Paolimo - U10 SAP Coach
Luke Menyweather - U9 SAP Coach
Jemima Head - U11/12 SAP Girls Coach
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