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And the winners were:

Moreton Bay United's Best and Fairest Award winners Declan Smith and Jacqueline Cashman

Moreton Bay United and ACE officially brought their 2021 season to a close on Saturday night at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in South Bank.

The gala evening celebrated the remarkable success of both clubs during another season punctuated, at times, by COVID lockdowns.

Awards (listed below in presentation order) were made to the senior teams from both clubs with the Best and Fairest saved until last.

Tributes were also paid to both clubs' valued sponsors with Eddie Kocwa (Australian Owned) and Paul Considine (Harcourts North Lakes/Mango Hill) being presented with mounted team shirts

There was also praise from all quarters for the culture and example set by members of both clubs, on and off the field.

The 2021 winners were:

ACE Women 30 Red Bears

Players’ Player – Tina Christensen

Coaches Award – Gina Glimstead

Best & Fairest – Amy Knapton

ACE Women 30 Gummy Bears

Players’ Player – Linda Centafanti

Coaches Award – Lindsay Gagliostro

Best & Fairest – Hayley Boik

ACE Men Over 35 Division 3

Players’ Player – Ronan Finnerty

Coaches Award – Nick Lederhose

Best & Fairest – Tony Baird

ACE Men Over 45 Division 1

Players’ Player – Josh Kennedy

Coaches Award – Sasha Cuk

Best & Fairest – Gerry Kelly and Kevin Gaughan

ACE Men Over 45 Division 2

Players’ Player – Twisty

Coaches Award – James The Vet

Best & Fairest – Wazza

Mike Parrika Award

Frank Marchetti

ACE City League Division 3

Players’ Player – Hamish Maguire

Coaches Award – Tom Hunter

Best & Fairest – Andrew Ford

ACE City League Division 4

Players’ Player – George Conlon

Coaches Award – Liam Helleur

Best & Fairest – Joshua Harwood

5-Year Award – Nathan Cinello

ACE Club Awards

(Presented by President Tony Dooley)

Sponsors Thank You – Australia Owned

ACE Supporter the Year – Taylor Glockner

Presidents’ Thank You Award – Elisha Hickey

President’s Commitment Award – Jason Gilbert

ACE Valued Friend of the Club – Greg Pattel

President’s Valued Player Award – Liam Brown

Moreton Bay United Club Awards

(Presented by Chairman Ben Parkin)

Sponsors Award – Harcourt North Lakes/Mango Hill

MBU Youth Player of the Year Zac Kierpal

Valued Friend of the Club – Nick Crockford

Golden Boot Winner – Jake Ellenberger

Senior Club Person of the Year – Sam knight and Sam Dickinson

Moreton Bay United Under 18

Players’ Player – Ethan Poore

Coaches Award – Jayden Morse

Best & Fairest – Zac Krough

5-Year Award – Alex Iacovella

ACE Under 18 Division 1

Players’ Player – James Walker

Coaches Award – Nathan Singh

Best & Fairest – James Walker

5-Year Awards – Duncan Strijland, Flynn Testa, Conor Russell-Ahern

ACE Under 20

Players’ Player – Caleb Patterson

Coaches Award – Dan Harris

Best & Fairest – Ben Herring

ACE Capital League Women Reserves

Players’ Player – Lani Raghavan

Coaches Award – Alexis Hudson

Best & Fairest – Eliska Pattit

5-Year Award – Keeley Cawte

ACE Capital League Women 1

Players’ Player – Rebecca Voigt

Coaches Award – Chloe Globke

Football Brisbane Awards

Golden Boot – Ryan Shaughnessy and Ally Russell (30 goals each)

Player of the Year – Ryan Shaughnessy

Moreton Bay United Under 23

Players’ Player – Will Gullo

Coaches Award – Cooper O’Reagan

Best & Fairest – Will Gullo

10-Year Awards – Danny Champness and Will Gullo

ACE Club Player Awards

(Presented by Senior Vice President Greg Bradley)

ACE Youth Player of the Year – Zavier Hardes

Senior Women’s Club Person of the Year – Rebecca Voigt

ACE Senior Club Person of the Year – Steve Snaith

ACE Golden Boot – Ryan Shaughnessy and Ally Russell

ACE Reserves

Players’ Player – Mackenzie Smith

Coaches Award – Charlie Costa

Best & Fairest – Ryan Thomas

5-Year Award – Aaron Powell

10-Year Award – Ryan Thomas

15-Year Awards - Daniel Bryant and Tyler McGrath

ACE Senior men

Players’ Player – Jared Moran

Coaches Award – Harry Royley

5-Year Award – Matt Fox

10-Year Award Matt Andrews

Moreton Bay United Under 23 Women

Players’ Player – Tanisha Hayman-Fuller

Coaches Award – Stella Woodford

Best and Fairest – Sarah Evans

Moreton Bay United Senior Women

Players’ Player – Jacqueline Cashman and Charli McLennan

Coaches Award – Jess Dillon

Moreton Bay United Senior Men

Players’ Player Ryo Ono

Coaches Award – Tom Aulton

10-Year Award – Declan Smith

Best and Fairest

ACE Women – Caitlin Watts

Moreton Bay United Women – Jacqueline Cashman

ACE Men – Ryan Shaughnessy

Moreton Bay United – Declan Smith

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