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Back to the future

Rhea Hall, far left of picture, has done well in an unfamiliar position, says captain Jemima head.

Jets women will not be looking far for inspiration tomorrow before taking on the QAS/Roar at Wolter Park, 3pm.

In fact, just eight days ago will do for starters.

Our young squad trailed at half-time against Souths, but scored after the break. Jets were within seconds of ‘winning’ the second half, only for a late Souths goal.

“Beginning this match the way we did the second half of our last game would be a good starting point for us,” said captain Jemima Head.

“We can’t wait until half-time to be spoken to. We need to start the game strong and put together a full 90 minutes.

“We have tried to break it down into 10-minute sections because we have switched off in the past. If we just focus on 10 minutes at a time, I think it will make 90 minutes easier.”

Even with a number of Under 18s in the squad for tomorrow’s NPLW game, the chances are Jets will be older, on average, than the QAS visitors.

However, Jemima says it is still essential Jets enter the game “strong”. “We may have age, but they will have the skills,” she said.

“We must go in strong, like we did against Lions and treat them like any other team, then I think we have a chance.”

The captain also turned the spotlight onto some of Jets' quiet achievers, such as her central defensive colleague Rhea Hall.

“Rhea is very consistent. She hasn’t necessarily been in the headlines yet, but her consistency in training and games is very good,” said Jemima.

“She comes down from the Sunshine Coast and is always here in the right frame of mind. I used to play with her a Noosa. She started as a striker or midfielder, but she is performing well now in such a very different position.

“Kirsten (Pett) is new here, but putting in the hard yards at training. I thought she had a blast against Souths. If she keeps that up, she will become a really good defender.”

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