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Cam's come home

Welcome back - Royce Brownlie with new assistant coach Cameron Millar.

Cameron Millar has returned to his footballing home.

The 26 year old will be back at Wolter Park next season as coach of Moreton Bay United’s Under 23s and assistant to senior team coach Royce Brownlie.

Cameron's career started at Albany Creek Excelsior in the junior ranks and rise right through to the senior ACE side in the Brisbane Premier League.

He also played for Jets’ NPL men's side when Adam Piddick was coach and was director of the club’s Skill Acquisitions Program (SAP) in 2018.

In fact, for all but one year, Cameron has called Moreton Bay United and ACE his home clubs.

“I didn’t really want to leave, but moved to the Gold Coast for my first year of teaching,” said Cameron, who has completed his B coaching licence.

“Towards end of season I decided I wanted to come home and reached out to Pooley (technical director Matt Poole) to see if the club was interested.

“Not long after that Royce (Brownlie) said there was an opportunity to work with him.”

Jets' new Under 23 coach Cameron Millar

Jets’ coach Royce Brownlie said Cameron would have the same role as Richard Greer, who has left to become head coach at Redlands. Ben Parkin will assist Royce and Cameron.

“Part of the selection process for bringing in Cameron was he’s a Moreton Bay player, he’s a thinker, he’s a footballer, not a kick and chase player,” said Royce.

“Richard played at Logan with me and embraced the style of football I wanted to play. I think Cameron will come in and do the same.

“He will pass on that style to our younger players coming through and I think being a younger coach he can have a better relationship with younger players.”

While filling the same role as Richard, Cameron will coach Moreton Bay United’s Under 23s, which next year replace the NPL Under 20 competition.

“The Under 23s will be different next season, but we’re not going to approach it in a different way,” said Cameron.

“We will have a young Under 23 team, with not many players in squad who will be over 20, apart from a few first team players who drop back.

“Royce plans to keep it as an Under 20 squad, which I completely agree with.”

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