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Royce: Exciting times

Royce Brownlie, right, signs his contact as Jets' head coach for 2022 with Chairman Ben Parkin.

Jets’ coach Royce Brownlie has put pen to paper and is preparing for the 2022 campaign.

It will be Royce’s third year as coach after four seasons as a player and our foundation captain.

“For me, this is the start of something,” he said, moments after signing the contract.

“We’ve got better and better every year and I think .... third time lucky.

“Terry (Kirkham) came here in first two years (2013-14), then Adam (Piddick) came in (2015) and we won it in the third year.

“For us, the minimum next season is top four. That’s our target. That’s my intention.

“If we can strengthen the areas we need to I think we are in with a red-hot shot.

“I wouldn’t have signed the contract otherwise!”

As Royce said, Jets’ playing figures for 2021 were a marked improvement on 2020 when comparted after 24 games, the total each team played last year.

2020: Won 9, Draw 5 Byes 2, Lost 10, Goals For 46, Against 55, Difference -9, Pts 32

2021: Won 13, Draw 3, Byes 0, Lost 8, Goals For 68, Against 50, Difference +18, Pts 42

Final 2021: Won 14, Draw 3, Lost 9, Goals For 75, Goals against 57, Diff +18, Pts 45

The irony was Jets were the third highest goal scorers and finished seventh this year compared to fifth in 2020!

However Royce is “excited with the squad” for 2022. “We’ve retained most of the boys,” he said.

“They know what I want, they know how we play our football and now it’s about being better at what we do.

“I’m actively looking for new players, possibly three or four who will help us challenge for the top four and hopefully higher.”

Moreton Bay United will reveal the players which have re-signed in the coming days - and new signings as they are made.

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