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iSponsor... Supporting the Jets

Since iSponsor’s launch in late 2020, iSponsor have helped hundreds of Sporting Clubs, Charities and P&C’s all over the country fundraise for their organisation! They are on a mission to enable these organisations to thrive and serve their community. That is why they created the iSponsor App; an easy-to-use shopping app that connects local businesses to your organisation as a form of sponsorship. They provide over 1000 sponsors to use immediately, including some of the world’s biggest brands.

iSponsor was created because their founder believes that every child, no matter their socio-economic status, deserves the right to play sport for their local club. From the seed of this idea, iSponsor has grown to support other charitable organisations who are serving their community. Through the app, they are also helping grow community ties, and supporting local businesses. iSponsor are revolutionising fundraising and making sure sponsorship comes back to you - the community.

They’re looking forward to supporting Charities, Sporting Clubs, and P&C’s all across Australia, and some day the world. iSponsor welcomes clubs including Moreton Bay United to be part of this fundraising revolution and help your organisation grow today!

*iSponsor is the proud partner of the first ever Moreton Bay United Invitational event, tomorrow at Wolter Park from 10.30am. Free to enter, over 300 players from 9 clubs on the Northside of Brisbane will be taking part in this special tournament for teams in the Moreton Bay United footballing community. Here, Head of Junior Development Macca Smith explains why the Invitational has been launched. Click this Link


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