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Jets go so close

Jets' Jack Gillespie battles for possession with Tom Lacham

JETS' powerchair team has been back in action in the Queensland Powerchair Football Association league at Bowen Hills PCYC. Jack Gillespie reports.


GAME 1 v Lions. Full time - 0-1

It was up-and-back action for most of this game, with some terrific defence shown by both teams. The Jets held strong until the second half, when Lions Captain, Tristram Peters, dribbled a sneaky goal in behind the Jets' goalie and defender. Goal - #2 Tristram Peters

GAME 2 v City. Full time - 0-2

Both teams went all-out in this one. Despite City making sure a last-minute draw wasn't possible, with a 2-nil scoreline, it was an extremely tight game. The Jets made three or four length-of-the-field breaks, but failed to capitalise when reaching the other end. The Jets took huge confidence out of those efforts, though, and really turned up the heat in the second half. In the end, though, City was just too good. Goals: #11 Bryce Castles, #9 Tom Latcham

Jets Jeffrey Morrish in action.


GAME 1 v Strikers.

The Jets have their work cut out for them coming up against the Strikers, who are the ladder-leaders after 5 rounds. But what better way for the Jets to test themselves, if not to face the best. The Jets will be looking to replicate the aggression they showed in the second half of last round's game.

GAME 2 v Lions.

The differences have been so minor for most Jets v Lions games this season, so there'll be a little extra feeling in the Jets' camp for this one. The Jets are tired of losing in the dying stages of games - this time, it'll be their desperation that gets them over the line. 

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