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Jets' hungry for win

Brennan Smoothy slotted into midfield in Jets positional shuffle.

Defences were dominant in Round 9 of the Queensland Powerchair competition as Jets' player Jack Gillespie reveals in his latest reports - and preview of the Round 10 fixtures at Bowen Hills PCYC on August 17.

GAME 1 v Lions. FULL TIME 0-0

A late withdrawal (Jack Gillespie) forced the Jets into a positional reshuffle just before Round 9 kickoff. Jeffrey Morrish slotted into centre, and the usual goalie rotation of Brennan Smoothy and Nathan Tessmann both played wing for the day. The Jets' defence was on show once again against the Lions, with some help out the back from borrowed Strikers' player, Josh Merkas, and the team managed a nil-all scoreline.

GAME 2 v Strikers. FULL TIME 0-2

After letting in two quick goals, the Jets refocused their defence and held out for the rest of the game. The Jets could walk away proud of their performance, given they were unexpectedly down a man. Borrowed Lions' player, Tristram Peters, loaned the Jets some assistance in the goals, but ultimately it wasn't enough to chase down that early lead.

Goals: #9 Darcy Clews, #10 Jack Parry

ROUND 10 PREVIEW (August 17)

GAME 1 v City

The Jets will be looking to make the last few rounds successful ones, and City will be a tough start to that. With the Strikers not too far ahead of them on the ladder, City are desperate to win every game from here in - but the Jets can't wait to cause an upset!

GAME 2 v Strikers

The Strikers have put on some big scores against the Jets, and will be aiming to do the same in this match. The Jets are as hungry as they've ever been for a win, though, with only a few more rounds left in the season. Hopefully their attack clicks, and they knock the Strikers out of the park!

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