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Jets' secret weapon

Moreton Bay United Jets prepare for NPL Final with revolutionary OOFOS recovery footwear!

As Moreton Bay United gears up for the highly-anticipated National Premier Leagues (NPL) Qld Grand final, the team is proud to announce a ground-breaking partnership with OOFOS, the pioneers of recovery footwear.

The partnership, aimed at enhancing player recovery and performance, signifies a significant step forward for the club as they prepare to face their toughest week of the year.

OOFOS: The secret weapon for Moreton Bay United's success

Moreton Bay United understands the importance of player well-being and recovery in the lead-up to the NPL final.

In a bid to give their players the edge they need, the club has turned to OOFOS, renowned for their innovative recovery technology.

OOFOS footwear and recovery gear are designed to reduce stress on the feet and joints, aiding in faster recovery and improved athletic performance.

Their proprietary OOfoam™ technology provides exceptional cushioning and support, making them the ideal choice for athletes looking to maintain peak physical condition throughout the demanding NPL season.


Quick recovery: OOFOS helps reduce muscle fatigue and promotes natural movement, allowing our athletes to recover faster after intense training sessions and matches.

Unmatched comfort: OOFOS' unique OOfoam™ technology absorbs 37 per cent more impact than traditional footwear, giving our players unparalleled comfort during recovery.

Durable design: OOFOS are built to last, ensuring our players have reliable recovery footwear to rely on throughout their NPL journey.

Coach's Perspective

Coach Cam Millar expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating: "In the NPL, recovery and performance go hand in hand.

"OOFOS allows our players to recover more effectively, giving them the confidence and stamina they need to compete at the highest level."

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