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Jets' player boost

Jets Powerchair team with their senior men counterparts at Bowen Hills PCYC

Jack Gillespie reports on the latest round of matches for Jets' Powerchair team in the QPFA at Bowen Hills PCYC. The team had some special visitors before play started - members of the Jets senior men's squad.


GAME 1 v Brisbane City - 0-2

City came out firing against the Jets right from the start. Their passes were accurate and there were plenty of them, really testing out the Jets' defence. City captain, Bryce Castles, was in control for most of the game, setting his teammate up for a goal in each half for a 2-0 victory.

GAME 2 v Brisbane Strikers - 0-2

The Jets showed massive improvement in their attack against the Strikers, moving the ball around better than they have been, and they were rewarded with a number of good scoring opportunities. Unfortunately they didn't capitalise on those, but showed positive signs that they'll be better for it next time.

Goals: City - #9 Tom Latcham. Strikers - #45 Sam Uchytil


GAME 1 v Lions.

Last time these teams met, the Lions snatched a draw in the last minutes of the game. Jets will be looking to ensure history doesn't repeat itself, and instead claim their first win of the season. The Jets' attack really improved in their last game, and they'll be determined to build on that heading into this match.

GAME 2 v City.

City are running second in the comp so far, and for a good reason. They'll be tough to beat, and the Jets will be keen to topple them. Nathan Tessmann will return for the Jets this week, and might be the edge they need.  

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