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Krystal's clear goal

Krystal Johnston who has made a short move down South Pine Rd to test herself in the NPLW.

Four years ago Krystal Johnston faced the prospect of not playing football again.

The versatile defender had torn an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and faced a long, hard road back.

But she did it and is now looking to testing herself at state level in the NPLW.

“Moreton Bay United was recommended to me by my coach as a club I should look into,” said Krystal.

“I loved how close it was to home and the fields are great quality. I don't know many players in the squad yet, but have found everyone really friendly.

“My goal is just to see what level of football I’m capable of playing.”

Krystal will draw upon her 10 years’ playing experience with Peninsula Power in the Brisbane Women’s Premier League after which she has spent the last three seasons at Pine Rivers Athletic.

“My favourite position is defence, anywhere in the back line,” she said, “I just love to defend and counter (attack).

“I think my greatest strength is my resilience when faced with challenges and patience!”

Both were shown during months of rehabilitation following her ACL injury. In fact, getting back on the pitch was, said Krystal, one of the “greatest things I have ever done".

"It gave me the confidence to attempt to play at this (NPLW) level and definitely was the biggest challenge I’ve had to physically and mentally overcome.

“Thankfully, I had a lot of help, but when you’re faced with the prospect of never playing again, every minute in this game is appreciated.”

Krystal’s highest achievement was playing in the women’s premier league with Power. However, her greatest success was more of a coaching achievement.

She was part of a team that went last place to reaching a grand final the following season.

“Definitely a major success!” Krystal said.

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