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Lighter and brighter

The gantry of new lights before being hoisted to the top of a new tower at Wolter Park.

WOLTER Park will be lighter and brighter when we return to training and matches.

Four new floodlight towers have been installed over the last month thanks to a $211,000 grant which Moreton Bay United secured from Sports Australia.

Moreton Bay United treasurer Tony Dooley said the funding was a participation grant and the new lights would be a major benefit for the club, players and the community.

With a greater lux (measure of illumination) the floodlights will be centred more on the field and have less impact on the surrounds of Wolter Park.

Being LED lights there will be ongoing savings for the club and the towers have lighting gantries which can be lowered to ground level for maintenance or replacement.

This will also save costs, cutting out the need to bring in machinery to reach up to the lights to fix faults.

The old floodlights which have been taken down are now up for sale to other clubs or organisations in need. Anyone interested should contact Moreton Bay United.

There are also plans to replace the television gantry with a permanent structure. We’ll bring you more details on that when the work begins.

The new lights in position on top of a new tower at Wolter Park.

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