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Marquez signs

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Marquez Walters with coach Royce Brownlie after signing for Moreton Bay United.

It's taken 12 months, but Royce Brownlie has finally got his man – Marquez Walters.

The striker has signed for Moreton Bay United after returning from a spell in Melbourne with NPL3 side Preston Lions.

However, the 20-year-old is well known here having played for Souths and then Brisbane City before joining Brisbane Roar in 2020 - and returning to City.

“Royce hit me up end of last season asking me about this year,” Marquez said. “At that point I already had plans to go interstate.

"But he did the same this year and was very forward, asking me my plans and saying he needed a striker.

“Royce told me about the set up here, about his vision for next season and what he has planned.

“In Melbourne I watched all the NPL games up here. Moreton Bay looked a really big attacking threat.

“So if there was one club to come back and play for it would be Moreton Bay. That’s my style. It only took little bit of persuading.”

Marquez will start pre-season training with some familiar faces. Tom Aulton and Nathan Beagley were at Brisbane City with him.

Marquez Walters

“Tom was captain when (coach) John Kosmina was there (Brisbane City),” said Marquez, who has been a striker since he started at the age of five.

“Tom gets the job done really well and Beags loves to get up front and put in his two cents ... make a statement.

“I’m looking forward to next season. This club is not afraid to put its foot down and tell others we’re here and we’re in contention.”

Marquez also scored Brisbane City's last goal in the NPL Qld - from close range at Wolter Park against Jets in the last game of last season.

That made it 1-1, but Linden Farr fired a winner deep into injury time to send City to the FQPL, which they won and will rejoin the NPL in 2022.

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