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Ready to restart

Moreton Bay United’s plans to restart training next week are almost ready, after a meeting of club directors last night. As you may be aware, the number of people permitted at a venue changed yesterday from 20 to 60 meaning we have had to tweak our plans accordingly.

The exact details of how we will return to training will be posted on the club’s Facebook pages and website in the next few days, once they have been confirmed. We have never faced a challenge like this before and Moreton Bay United will use next week to trial its procedures.

However, to help you prepare, here are some of the guidelines under which training can start. Please remember these are directives we, as a club, must follow. We are expecting to be monitored by the authorities and fines up to $7000 can be issued to clubs not conforming.

- Moreton Bay United team coaches are being invited to a meeting this weekend to go through the structure for training. Sessions will be one hour and non-contact.

- Fields 1 and 3 will be used at South Pine Sports Complex. Each field will have a separate, signposted entry and a separate signposted exit point for players and coaches.

- We will divide each night into three training blocks with three teams in each of those blocks per field. Times to arrive, train and leave will be issued. Social distancing must be followed.

- Parents are not permitted on the grounds to ensure we stay below the limit of 60 people at all times. There will be instructions on where to drop-off and where to pick-up players.

- Moreton Bay United and Albany Creek Excelsior officials will be on the grounds each night helping direct traffic, entry and exit points, ensuring players and coaches follow the sanitisation rules.

This will be a challenge for us all and we hope this will only be for a short time as matches could resume next month. As the directives from the State Government and Football Queensland (FQ) change, so will our procedures. Until then please work with us by following the guidelines. Together we can make them work.

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