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Sarah's waiting game

Sarah Karlik, smiling while she waits and hopes or football to be resumed in Australia.

SPARE a thought for Sarah Karlik. Last month the she flew more than 15,000km to join Moreton Bay United in the NPLW. But, first heavy rain and now the COVID-19 pandemic have denied the 26 year old a chance to play or even train with the squad.

It may be July before matches are rescheduled, but the defender from Washington DC, meets every question with a smile. “My philosophy towards life is control what you can control and just try to make the most of every day,” she said. “I arrived a week before everything started going into lock down here in Australia. I did one some exploring ... and then the restrictions came in. “Just talking to friends and family back home in the US, I honestly feel safer staying here in Australia than I do than going back home. They have even encouraged me to stay here. “I have friends playing in Europe who are being asked to come back home and some countries declaring a state of emergency forcing them back. If I can stay here I would love to.” Sarah is using her experience, having lived and played professionally in Italy and Iceland as well as in teams across the US, to handle the situation.

“It’s a tough time,” she said, “but it doesn’t stop me doing things I need to do every day. It just means I have to adjust. Still train while abiding by the government’s rules, work on fitness, lifting and whatever I can.

“I’ve just got to keep hoping and preparing for a season. I plan to be here as long as there’s going to be a season. It’s like family here, which was one of the things I was looking for. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Sarah admits she "loves going overseas for the cultural experience”. “Each place has its own style and methodology,” she said, "learning from different coaches and playing against international players. It’s great. “In Iceland, they focused on athleticism, strength and conditioning, similar to the US. Italy was different. It amazed me the amount of precision, just one thing for weeks on end.

“You can have a whole year focusing on one or two concepts. That level of precision and detail I’ve never seen anywhere else, but it has made me a better player.”

Sarah's clubs:

2013 - Fredericksburg Impact - USA W League

2014 - ACF Torino - USA WPSL

2016 - Houston Aces UWS

2017- WYN Flash UWS

2017/18 - Jesina Serie B (professional, Italy)

2018 - Colorado Pride UWS

2019 - Asheville City SC WPSL

* WPSL - Women’s Premier Soccer League, US, Canada, Puerto Rico * UWS - United Women’s Soccer - second division pro-am US

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