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Zoe's learning curve

Zoe Ryan who switched from a long-standing midfielder to goalkeeper.

ZOE Ryan ‘jumped’ at the chance to join Moreton Bay United and start a new chapter …. in her second football career.

Zoe ‘thought’ she had retired from playing after years as a midfielder at The Gap. But, retirement did not last long.

She returned at Virginia for a year before switching to Mitchelton last season and working on her goalkeeping.

It was there, when Mitchy played Jets in the NPLW, that she was impressed with the “professional atmosphere” at Moreton Bay United.

"I jumped at the chance to be part of a new era here and the direction the women’s program is being taken by Ben (Fuhrmann),” said Zoe.

“Knowing peers of mine had joined the club and the quality which had come from the program before that really confirmed it would be a great opportunity.”

Zoe has followed Zozia Sen and Brooklen Williamson making the short trip up South Pine Road from our local NPLW rivals Mitchelton.

“I have also become good friends with Jemima Head who is actually the one who encouraged me to come and trial here,” Zoe said.

“2020 is going to be a big year for me, not only on the field, but off the field.

“With the support of my goalkeeping coach I am working on bringing my fitness, agility and experience into an invaluable skillset for a long career in goals.

“It’s where I should have been playing my whole career. I did enjoy the field, but goalkeeping has come so naturally and I love pushing myself.”

Zoe has Queensland and national representative honours for indoor soccer and has turned down chances to play overseas in order to continue her studies.

“Being part of the NPLW now as a goalkeeper is a major success for me,” said the PhD student and design researcher.

“Constant learning and self-motivation are important to me in all areas of my life,” she said.

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